Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games ever. Almost everyone know the game or have ever played it before. The rules are very simple and the changes to win are very high, we like to review the blackjack card game and inform you with all the information about casino blackjack and live blackjack you need to get started and get up for some great wins featuring Blackjack !

The goal of Blajack is for the player to draw cards that come as close to 21 and more than the dealer, without going over 21. King Queen and Jack count as 10. An Ace will have a value of either 1 or 11.

After placing your bet(s) on the blackjack table, every player gets two cards face up. The dealer will also get two cards, with one card face down, that card is also called the holy card. Only after all players hands are played then the dealer disclose the card that whas faced down and play out the game.

If all blackjack players on the table have finished with calling or passing cards, the dealer turns the Hole Card and play out the card round. The dealer must draw cards until the blackjack dealer reaches 17 then he can`t draw any cards anymore, that is the moment of the end of that blackjack round.

Blackjack Ace and Ten

If it happens that your first card is a Ace and the second card a 10 value card, then you can count your hand as Blackjack. You also have won at this moment with blackjack on the table, that is if the blackjack dealer does not have an Ace or a 10 valued card as a face-up card. In case you are very unlucky and the dealer also has a blackjack, then you don`t lose your bet and you also don`t win, it is called a `push` and the bet is pussed back to the player on the table

Blackjack Terms

Hit – draw one or more cards

Stand – draw no more cards

Double – double your bet and receive one more card, and more more cards on that hand

Split – you have two of the same card, then you may double your bet and play the hand